Noé Pecci

Hello, I'm Noé!

A French Developer in

Javascript & Solidity

I made this portfolio to present:

The reason I became a developer while I was in sports college.

I've never been good at building.

But I always wanted to improve.

I started with Lego. I used to stay in my garden shed all the time, building cars and houses that I would end up blowing.

My dream was to work for them. But even though I was slowly getting better, I would never have the creativity to be able to do it.


Later, I discovered Minecraft. It was a whole new world of possibilities and creations that had just opened up. I spent months and months on this game.

I built houses, castles, farms, mansions and tons of other things. It has always been my favorite video game.


One day, my father bought some Arduino. There are small cards that you can program and link with anything and everything. I had a lot of fun playing with them.

I was doing pretty well, even though I was just copying and pasting code. I had even started to make my own remote control car.


On July 27, 2021, I had the misfortune to fall into the world of cryptocurrencies

Usually, it's not something bad. But the problem is that I did everything wrong... 🤦‍♂️

I bought cryptos that didn't make sense, I played trader when I didn't know anything about it, and I lost unbelievable amounts of money just on transaction fees. In short, I managed to make all my money disappear without seeing anything coming!

Fortunately, I was lucky enough not to have given up and got back into it 3 months later. That's when I really started to understand the ecosystem and became interested in the whole technology aspect behind the blockchain.

But since I didn't make any more money, I continued to look for a way to make some

Then, around mid-February 2022, I participated in the Arduino project that my older sister had to do for her engineering school. That's when I noticed that I really liked programming, and I was doing pretty well too! It was elected the best project of the year by the jury.

Not long before, I heard about the Solidity developer job. The programming language for creating smart contracts and interacting with the blockchain. Then I realized that it mixed two things I particularly liked: programming and blockchain.

So I had a new goal: Become a Solidity developer

Project #1: The longest tutorial of my life

At the end of February 2022, I started learning Solidity. The little problem is that I didn't just start with a little tutorial... But with a huge 16 HOURS TRAINING!!!

That's how I spent 2 months thinking, understanding, solving problems and copying everything that Patrick, the trainer, was showing. I finally managed to get to the end of the course. And I learned a ton from it.

After that, it was time for me to use my new skills and try my first ever project!

Project #2: My completely stupid NFTs

In the beginning of April, I took a small one-hour training to learn how to make my own NFTs. I created 2500 of them myself, sent their metadata to IPFS, chose all the parameters I wanted, and customized a dapp to mint them.

However, I still haven't learned to draw. So you really shouldn't try to hire me as a designer, or it will be a disaster. I'm only good at programming.

It was really fun to do this, but other than creating the images, I mostly took over a project that was already done. It would be even better to build something entirely from scratch!

Project #3: My first real project

On May 10, 2022, I joined the Chainlink Hackathon. And I created NFT Detector.

This is a Discord bot that gives a special role to people who own NFTs. It allows you to make private channels for them and to give them bonuses in the Discord server of this collection.

At first, I had no idea how I could do this. But I thought it was a nice idea, so I started working on it.

I created a bot discord to see the server members and give them roles. I made a dapp to check the Metamask wallets. And I use Moralis, which is a data-server linked to the blockchain, to be able to link the bot and the dapp.

Project #4: I realized my childhood dream

When I was a kid, I absolutely wanted to have a remote-controlled car made of Lego. Except that back then, I had absolutely no idea how to do it.

So much later, in the summer vacations of 2020, I started building the whole body and chassis. Then the following summer, I went back to organize the Arduino part, make the calculations and order the pieces.

We arrive then at the end of June 2022. And while looking for a new project to do, I remembered that I had the beginning of a remote control car lying around in my closet. So I decided to start working on it again, to finish it once and for all.

I programmed and assembled everything and finally finished my car in Lego. Now I can play with it like a kid, it's amazing! (Except when I smash it up against a wall, but that's another question...)

Project #5: Patrick is back!

Patrick Colins is the genius who did the 16H training I took. And on May 26, 2022, he's sending out a new gigantic training on Solidity with Javascript, of 32 HOURS!!!

I knew that it would take me a long time to follow it. But I also knew that if I really wanted to become a developer, I had to know how to use Javascript.

So I started at the beginning of July, and a month and a half of hard work later, I finally finished this endless course. Moreover, to prove that we had finished it, we had to use all the knowledge of the course to mint 5 NFT as puzzles. It was far from being simple, but once finished, I was damn proud of myself!

Fun fact: As I'm writing this, I am one of only 40 people in the world to have finished the training and have these 5 NFTs. Now I'm really confident in the business! 😁

Project #6: My beautiful portfolio

After doing these first 5 projects, it was time for me to try to find work by showing what I had learned, built and accomplished. At the same time, I also wanted to know how to make better websites. So I decided to create my portfolio.

In mid-August, I started building. I did it with React, NextJS and Tailwind, because I had already used them in the Solidity & Javascript training. I also watched a 2H30 Youtube tutorial to learn more about it.

Once finished, it was now time to find other people to work with.

My code on Github

My portfolio

Projet #7: It's getting serious

During the Fall 2022 Chainlink Hackathon, I joined Alberto, Darby, Luís and Hugo to build MetaCare Health. We had 1 month to develop and present our technology to the juries.

MetaCare is a tool for gathering and managing all of a person's medical data in one place through a digital twin NFT linked to it.

I built the smart contract, enabled to automatically retrieve someone's Google FIT data on a spreadsheet and managed the adaptation of the NFTs based on the users' data.

We managed to win Chainlink's Top Quality Projects Award. I'm very proud to have accomplished this, even though this is only my 2nd Hackathon, and we don't plan to stop there!

The tools I use:


Contact me!

I am available for a freelance mission or to work full time.

Of course, I plan to keep learning, to improve my skills over time.

Do not hesitate to contact me! 😊